Customer Display, 15.6”

Customer Payment Verification. Our dual-screen terminal allows the users to provide payment verification to their customers, ensuring accuracy to avoid post-transaction disputes. Salons’ customers have the option to enter gratuities, view their promotional programs along with rewarded point balance (if any), etc… The sample image beneath displays a typical sample of the invoice format for the references.

Image 4. Customer Facing - Invoice Verification.

Customer facing is displayed in the opposite direction, allowing the customers to verify their payment invoices. The transaction details are exhibited on the right portion with each separated section.

Convenient Customer Check-in Alternatives. Our solution is equipped with several possibilities for salons’ customers to check-in preceding to their services. Multiple check-in device options are available, via main POS terminal on the customer-facing (when payments NOT in the process), Android OS tablets (i.e., Samsung, Lenovo…), Stand-Alone 21.5”, etc. Salons can set preferred entry fields that are suitable for their operating demands in the “General Setting.” Several important elements of the check-in feature include the simple design for easy access and usability, the indication of busied technicians, the customer’s estimated wait time, customer’s history, etc. as depicted in the Image 6 underneath. Our solution is customized with back-end automation, allowing the users to preset entry fields that seemed necessary as well as required or optional condition.

Image 5. Customer Facing –Check-in Mobile Entry

The opposite display of the POS terminal allows customers to register for services when the payment not in process, starting with the mobile entry.

Image 6. Customer Facing - Check-in Fields.

The above image displays the fillable form for customer registration. Salons can set fields as required or optional, depending on preferences or usage demands. This simple and comprehensible layout allows the whole registration process taken place within a minute per customer.