Major Highlighted Features

Real-time Appointment Booking Capability. For most salons, the appointment booking feature is as important as taking payments or reporting data. Statistics indicate more than 30% of loyal customer revisited salons via pre-booked reservation. In general, most solutions accommodate online booking tools with certain restrictions, primarily due to real-time synchronization in identifying the availability of technicians. The inconvenient call-back verification process often induces frustration, leading to limited applications on the online self-booked feature.

Noticeably, we have embedded the most dynamic booking capability into our solution, allowing online self-booked practice through sources such as salon’s website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Salons’ customers are capable of booking the appointments anytime, on any mobile devices. Our feature is synchronized real-time with the POS system, capable of determining technicians’ availabilities to eliminate the inconvenient call-back verification. Additionally, our diversified simple booking and reporting layouts would improve user-experiences, including the ability to change, remind, check-in, or even cancel an appointment effortlessly.

Image 11. Retailer Facing – Appt Booking Section.

Users can access this feature via the "APPOINTMENT" button in "Home Page," next to the "MENU" tab on the top left corner. With identifiable required (red) and optional (black) fields, users can easily manage any type of bookings within couple entries and clicks.

Accessible Embedded “Giftcard” Feature.Solution providers supply their loyalty or gift-card programs attached to the bankcard services, which results in additional processing fees imposed on the merchants, the collective monthly subscription, and per-transaction fees. Particularly, limited accessibilities to the management tools significantly reduce the operational effectiveness of the program.

On the other hand, LLDTEK’s gift-card feature is embedded within our POS solution, allowing full access with sufficient management resources to keep track of sales volumes, usages, remained balances and completed relative details for cross-checks and references. The gift-card transactions can be executed through various available methods, via soft-card (customer mobile), gift certificates and hard-cards (plastic MSR cards) internally, thus, eliminating unnecessary additional processing fees.

Transaction Rectification. . For the commission-based model, the transaction details involve many factors associated with the computation of service charges, gratuities, deductions, etc. Excluding the booth-rental and salary-based models, software structures of the commission-based model experience difficulties incorporating this feature with simplified usage performances and accuracy.

Normally, to resolve human-made mistakes is through lengthy, frustrating customer support sessions. LLDTEK recognizes this critical demand through the establishment of the “Fix Ticket”, embedded in our solution with automated back-end self-rectification. The convenience includes the ability to fix services, technicians (i.e., swap, split, add new tech), tip adjustments, etc… with just a couple clicks. Since most salons encountered this issue more frequently, our feature will accommodate the salon’s daily operations and management efficiently.