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We acknowledge the demand of nail salon entrepreneurs who face the challenge searching for an appropriate Point-of-Sales system that could assist in enhancing salon’s operations and management effectiveness. Even though, there are hundreds of operating solution providers, each advanced with unique features and functions that designed specifically for salons and spas; yet, none has ever fully met the expectations of the Vietnamese-operated salons.

With a team of over 45-years experience in combined, along with our intensive research on trending technical demands, we have developed a POS system with a broader spectrum of specifications, launching to the market a tailor-suited product that meets nearly every requirement to an unparallel extent. Not only that, we also understand each salon has a different way to manage its daily operations and accounting; therefore, we are willing to customize our solution that could effectively assist any salon’s management style. This means that we may not provide the best product in the market, but we do provide the most befitted product for Vietnamese-operated nail salons.

We are committed and dedicated to serving our customers with integrity, embraced by the perception of our role of responsibility, which could contribute to the stable growth of your business.

We are here for you; we are ready to serve you!


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