Standard Package

  • Full POS Features
  • Unlimited No. of Users
  • Full Web Portal Access

Premium Package

  • Full POS Features
  • Unlimited No. of Users
  • Full Web Portal Access
  • Non-Restricted on No. of Sub-Stations
  • Marketing Tools: Survey App, Referral App, Promo Tools

Franchise Package

Coming soon


Features Standard Premium Franchise Descriptions
LLDTEK Applications
1. Complete Pmt Process Capable of performing any regular or typical transaction within 30-45 seconds.
2. Data Inputs Data can be keyed in or imported (excel)
- Tech Management Preset & editable the technician's data
- Service Management Preset & editable the salon's services
- Combo Management Customizable service packages with various discount options
- Drink Management Available option
- Color Management Available option
3. Gift Card
- Gift Certificate Available feature
- Soft Card Using the "Cust Mobile" as references
- Hard Card Re-usable encoded plastic cards (MSR)
4. Appointment Easy & simple booking/mngm't, available on tablets, capable of booking on Fb, Web, Yelp..
5. Marketing Tools Noted as "Marketing Tools"
- Individual Issue disc. promo to the prefered customer
- Auto Discounts Happy Hours, Days & Months >> quick, simple settings & usage applications
- Special Promo Birthday, Spendings, Un-return Customers, No. of Visits, Reward Points, etc….
- Group Promo New, Loyal, VIP and group promotion feature, numerous options for user's selections.
- Customer Survey Assist salons improving customer service & loyalty
- Referral Program Assist salons building up customer base & loyalty
- Others….. And various related tools…..
6. Report Maintain and keep track details of all payment transactions to enhance operation and management effectiveness.
- Revenue Maintain details of all salon's incomes
- Salon Earnings Report salon's "gross" earnings, including expenses such as comm coverage, payouts…
- Tech Pay-outs Details of tech's deductions & final incomes
- Customer Maintain record (through customer check-in app) for salon's marketing purposes
- Appointment Keep track of all appt data & status, such as bookings, delayed, completed, cancelled…..
- Gift Card Detail report of sales, usages, balances….
- Bankcard Report details of all card-payment trans, such as approved, voided, cancelled/refunded trans.
- Others... And many other reports, etc...
8. Turn Tracker Keep track of technician's turn details via different methods based on user's preferences.
9. Guess List Monitor check-in customers for better customer service & recorded for marketing purposes.
10. Register (Check-in) Available feature operated on various mobile devices.
11. Membership Coming soon
12. Payment Queue Pre-payment option to help salons avoiding traffic at the counter during peak hours
13. Bankcard Card payment attributes such as void/refund, settlement….
14. Fix Ticket Simple & easy fixes of any tkt discrepancy. Tip adjustment feature is also included.
15. Day-End Process Print-outs, SMS and/or email daily summaries to the salon owner(s) and technicians
16. Cycle-End Process Summation of daily summaries within the cycle, print-outs & SMS/email options, assist salons with fast and accurate Techs' Payouts.
17. Offline Mode System capable of running with NO internet
LLDTEK Web Client
1. User & Permission Create access for mgr & staff to run and manage daily operations more efficiently
2. Salon Management Same features in APP, available for remote access & management.
- Tech Remote access & manage salon's technicians
- Service Remote access & manage salon's services
- Drink Remote access & manage salon's drink serv.
- Color Remote access & manage service colors
3. Reports Remote access of all reports for effective management
4. Invoice & Payment Online access & pmts for all POS invoices and related service(s)
5. Book Keeping Keep track of all salon's expenses & incomes
- Fixed Monthly Expenses Space rental, electricity, internet, etc….
- Tech Expenses Keep track and record of all Tech's Payouts
- Other Expenses Nail supplies, other claims, etc…..
6. Account Link Multiple salons linked together (same owner) to enhance management flexibility
- Financial Link together all revenue details, salon earnings, Tech Payouts, etc…..
- Customer Create a client network for easy and effective mngm't and marketing purpose
- Others Giftcard, Appt, Promo, etc….
7. Franchise Coming soon
- Financial Summary Provide franchisers/franchisees a simpler and transparent financial statements and analysis
- Statistics Revenue, Customer, Appt, Promo, Salon Traffic, etc….