Embedded Marketing Tools

Most solutions offer limited promotion programs which are meant for general use without regard for specific demands. A generic point reward-redemption formula is widely adopted as a promotional tool, applicable by any salon. Our embedded feature provides additional tools crafted specifically for VNS such as birthday, number of visits, new customer, loyalty, VIP, rewarded point, referral, post-service evaluation, happy hours, etc... With a couple of preset entries and selections, the programs will be executed automatically through our back-end optimizations.

Image 9. Retailer Facing – Promo Feature.

Salons can provide preferential promotion packages to their customers through our embedded feature, accessible via "MENU" in Main Screen. Featuring characteristics have been simplified extensively with great emphasis on user-friendly competency.

Image 10. Auto Discounts.

Our Happy Hours, Days, and Months auto discount attributes can greatly assist salons in building up customer base while increasing customer loyalty as well. Our dynamic customer promotional characteristics provide various selections for salon owners to choose the best-suited applications.