Comprehensive Reporting System

We acknowledge the management culture of the nail salons; therefore, we organize our report structure differently from most of the current providers. We believe that the separated identifiable tabulated report menu sections and columnization display of the details would be easy to view and understand, even for any in-experienced user. As illustrated in Image 3 below, the reporting segments are listed on the left column by order of its importance and frequency of recurring activities. Our reporting enhancements allow the owners to generate daily, cycle details, and summaries through settings for the automation or manually with couple simple clicks. Data can be printed out or transmitted via email or SMS to the owner(s) or technician individually. The advantage of our reporting system is the ability to assist salon owners with end-of-cycle payrolls, usually taking 10 - 15 minutes of signing checks or direct deposits. Underneath is the brief outlines of several essential segments of our reporting system.

Revenue:The most significant report analyzes the transaction tickets, organized and shown through distinct columns for visualization. Due to the complexity of the commission-based business model, solution providers tend to display the details of the daily sales’ report as originated tickets. However, our revenue report of each technician’s details is summarized but allowing the users to access the unabridged details of the payment transactions by just a click. The important notion of this structural layout is its simple and easy to view and understand, fostering transparency, and effective management.

Ticket:Supplemental to revenue report, displaying transaction details by ticketing order. It is designed specifically for simple, speedy searches for troubleshooting transaction discrepancies.

Salon Earnings:Similar itemization and columned arrangement as the Revenue, covering the entire details of the salon’s incomings and expenses, particularly the details of technician payouts.

Payment Breakdown:Transaction payment-type detail analysis for accounting reconciliation.

Tech Payouts:Itemized and categorized technicians’ payouts, including various types of earnings and applicable deductions, such as service, nail supply, janitorial, housing rental, etc. Our report provides the most scrupulous details in an easily comprehensible arrangement.

And the availability of related and necessary reports listed thereunder for book-keeping conveniences and efficient management, namely Customer, Appointment, Giftcard, Bankcard, Check-in, Survey, Clock-in, etc…

Image 3. Retailer Facing – Reporting Section.

Our solution provides a full range of reports with simple and user-friendly orientation, standardized with the columnization of details and summaries for easy access and management.